TRAVEL: 6 Items You Need In Your Bag On Your Disney Vacation

hey y'all,

So as you know, I have a an upcoming trip & collaboration with Disney World that I am SUPER excited about. I'll be at Disney Springs (October 14) and Animal Kingdom & Magic Kingdom on Saturday (October 15). I'm so excited to be able to share with y'all how to do Disney the right way. My first post in the magical, pixie dust filled blog series are 6 Essentials you need to have in your bag for each day at the theme park. Below I've linked where you can get each my favorite Disney essentials.

1. Sunglasses

No matter what time of the year you go, there one thing that's certain. It's always going to be sunny in Floridia. To avoid being blinded by the sun, take your favorite pair of sunnies. Mine are my pair of Ray-Bans.

2. Portable Charger

I can't tell you how many times my phone was on the verge of dying, but was saved by my portable charger. You're going to be taking tons of pictures, so do yourself a favor and invest in this charger.

3. Deodorant Wipes

Okay, so if you've ever been to Disney World, you know that there are tons of people and long lines. So save us all and get some deodorant wipes before you turn into sweaty mess.

4. Lipgloss/Mascara

Okay, so maybe this one is just me, but I love freshening up after a long day. So when I'm at the parks for 12+ hours, I love being able to add a little lipgloss and mascara.

5. Wallet

This is a no brainer. The wallet I chose is a COACH wallet from their Disney collection. Here I keep my money, and tickets to get into the park.

6. Poncho

Okay, so I know I said Disney World is always sunny, but it does have it's perks. Usually in the afternoon, it will rain no longer than an hour. The perks of this? It usually cools down so you can enjoy the rest of your day.