hey y'all,

My one rule when I do my makeup is to never leave the house without mascara and either lipgloss or lipstick. With that being said, I decided to link my favorite colors for spring + how to find the perfect shade for your skin tone. Oh...and all the lipsticks I've linked are all under $40! 

Extra tip: Find a good nude lipstick. You'll be able to wear it everyday + it goes with any outfit. 

finding the perfect lip color based on your skin tone

1. Cool Undertones

How to tell: pink, red, or bluish hues

Best lip color:  blue or purple undertones

2. Warm Undertones

How to tell: yellow, gold, or olive hues

Best lip color: red or orange colors/warm shades

3. Neutral Undertones

How to tell: neutral hues

Best lip color: any color (lucky you girlfriend!)