hey y'all,

Soooo it's no surprise (if you follow me any of my social media accounts), that I love Disney and actually was lucky enough to spend last weekend there. I decided I would give a mini recap of my trip, share some photos, and tips on what to wear to the parks during the summer. 

If you follow along with Disney events, then you know that the Happily Every After Firework show recently joined the nightly schedule. If you haven't been, unfortunately I don't have a video of the show but I recommend searching it up on Youtube because like any Disney show, it's must see. I'm not going to say it's my favorite (Wishes definitely will always hold that spot) but it's a pretty cool show. Some of the older Disney characters that don't usually get the spotlight, are featured in the show. However, I do think the songs and fireworks are much better in Wishes. 

Okay, now for everyone's favorite part....food. My favorite quick-service restaurant to eat at in Magic Kingdom is Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. I highly recommend eating there if you have young children or just love a restaurant with a super cool theme. I've been trying for two year (yes, you read that right) to get a reservation to Be Our Guest and each time they're already booked. I mean y'all, they're booked throughout the rest of the year so I'll probably be waiting two more years now. *insert crying emoji* 

If you're going for the day like I did, then definitely make sure you're at the park BEFORE it opens. When we go for the day, we (my family) like to go to multiple parks. We'll start at Epcot (ride Test Track and Spaceship Earth), head over to Animal Kingdom (ride Dinosaur and Mount Everest), and by 1:00, we're at Magic Kingdom to enjoy the rest of the day. 


what to wear

Okay so a couple very important wardrobe tips:

1. Keep it light. Florida can get HOT in the summer (shoot, it's hot anytime) so don't wear tons of layers because I can guarantee you're going to be sweating. 

2. Keep it stylish AND comfy. Disney parks are freakin' huge so wear shoes and clothing that are comfortable and aren't going to slow you down during the day. 

Below I've linked an outfit idea that's perfect for Disney during the summer! 

-Tees are perfect for a Day in the park. Target ALWAYS has Disney tees on sale and the best part....they're light weight and comfy. 

-If tees and shorts aren't your style, a simple dress with a pair of sneakers or Converses or a romper are just as good.