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Hope everyone had the a great long weekend! Super sorry I’ve been MIA the past week or two. My wifi went out last week back at home, I was packing Sunday night, catching a flight to Vegas on Monday, and have been catching up on my blog to do list since then! If you’ve been following along with my Instagram/blog, then you know a couple weekends ago, I was at Jacksonville Beach. Tons of you have been asking me, “what should I wear to the beach and out at night?” Sooooo to give y’all the best answer, I teamed up with the cutest little boutique, Marie J’s Couture.

If you’re not sure what Marie J’s is, just know it’s going to be your new favorite boutique.  Marie J’s is a newer online boutique that is not only home to some super stylish clothes but at an affordable price as well. We all know those boutiques that have the cutest clothes, but super expensive. I mean, I’m not sure about you but I LOVE finding trendy clothing while getting it at that “whoa, this is a steal” price. Don’t believe me? Check out the “about us” section. Here they explain how they’ve made it their mission to make sure women “never have nothing to wear.”

Along with being an online boutique, Joni the owner, has created a mobile boutique. And Y'ALL. I’m seriously swooning over this harder than Scarlett O’hara at a party. If you’re local to Michigan, head on over to their website to see which local market they’ll be at next!

| what to wear during the day |

Okay, so packing for the beach should be simple ladies.  All you need are swimsuits, cover-ups, and something fancy to wear out at night. This trip, I strayed from the traditional cover-up and opted for my Target kimono, denim shorts, my beach hat, and sandals. All of this of course goes over my swimsuit. Instead of adding in a top, my swimsuit top works perfectly especially when I’m just going to the beach. However, if you don’t really feel comfortable going with this option, a simple tank top could always work.

Soooo...don’t hate me y’all. After seeing this beach hat, I totally fell in love. However, when I just checked their website, they’re completely sold out….whooohooo go Marie J’s. I’ll check with the owner to see if she’ll be getting anymore in stock and if not I’ll link some similar ones! I’ve also linked some bikini tops and kimonos below that could work with this look.

| shop the look |

| what to wear while hitting the town at night | 

So you’ve been at the beach all day, you’re sunburnt, and ready to hit the town for dinner. What do you wear?! I love finding simple yet stylish pieces that make a statement while at the beach. Your skin is tan, your hair is actually working with you for once (thanks salty ocean water), and your makeup goes on smoothly (thank you newly tan skin). Anyone else notice that when you’re sunburnt or tan that your makeup applies smoother and looks better?! I’m sure I can’t be the only one.

When searching for what to wear, I always lean towards maxi’s, off-the-shoulder dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers. These are going to be your comfiest solution AND best to wear when your skin looks like a tomato and hurts oh so much. I knew when I saw this off-the-shoulder dress at Marie J’s that it was the perfect piece not only to wear to Jacksonville but while running errands, styling clients, going to class, etc.

It was a bit long on me so if you’re short like me (where’s all my shorts girls at?!), I tied a knot in one corner to bring the length of the dress up a bit and make my short self look taller.



Hope you enjoyed this post! **This is in collaboration with www.mariejscouture.com. All opinions are my own.**