STYLE: Shop 'til You Drop in Seven Dials Shoes | 3 Outfits/1 Pair of Shoes - Part Two

hey y'all, 

Are y'all ready for the next part in my "1 Pair of Shoes Styled With 3 Outfits" series?! I mean because last weeks was pretty fabulous but this week....I'm totally loving and don't even get me started on the last day of this series (July, August 1)....I could practically live in that outfit! 

As I said in last Tuesday's blog post, I partnered with Seven Dials Shoes on a collaboration where I style three different outfits with only one pair of shoes. One that you can shop in, one you can explore in, and the other you can have wear while out on the town, at a bar, etc. The best part is that I'm sharing each look in different locations while I'm on my month long trip to Las Vegas. Last week, I went downtown to explore some of the sights and colorful walls that Vegas has to offer. This week I'm sharing more colorful walls (kinda my thing you couldn't tell), shopping, and Freemont Street (old Vegas strip if you're not up to date with all things Las Vegas). I'll be sharing my favorite places to shop + tips on what to wear! 

If you're not familiar with Seven Dials Shoes, then you're totally missing out. I'm totally loving each pair I own (I'm up to three now. I know, it's an addiction) because of how comfy they are and I mean they're pretty stylish too. The brand itself was named after a sassy neighborhood in London where their design team loves to shop. Pretty cool, huh?! 

what to wear

With this look, I knew I was going to be doing some shopping and more exploring so I wanted something fun, light, and comfy since Vegas is super duper hot in the summer. I of course had to wear my Marie J's beach hat because the desert sun of course, sunglasses because not only is the sun blazing but it's super bright too, and a crossbody bag because there's some crazy people on the strip who will take that purse in a heart beat. Crossbody bags are perfect since you can cross it across your body or simply over your shoulder and hold on to the strap. This way if someone tries to take your purse, they're going to have to take you with them. 

If you're not really a crop top and denim jean type of girl, then don't worry. Choose a top with a thinner material (I've linked some below), denim shorts that suit you (I like the kind that folds up at the bottom because they cover more), and your Seven Dials Shoes. 

Alright, let's talk a bit about these shoes I'm wearing in the picture. They're called the Althea Tan them below or here. They do have a 2.25 inch heel but I seriously didn't even notice it when walking. The one major tip I would have for new shoes, travel, and tons of walking is to make sure you break in your shoes before your vacation. I had a couple blisters but that's totally going to happen with any new shoe. So style tip of the day: break in your shoes before vacationing. I'm loving these sandals because the tie detail at the ankle is easy get on and off and they literally go with everything. Rompers, shorts, skirts, dresses, and soooo much more. 

where to shop

Fashion Show Mall - If Nordstrom and all those other big designer stores are your favorite places to shop (Chanel, Gucci, Saks), then this mall is perfect. Plus they have the world's largest Forever 21. You can totally catch me here. 

Las Vegas Premium Outlets - HUGE outside outlet mall with stores such as Michael Kors, Gap, Kate Spade, Coach, Steve Madden, and sooo many more. The best part....each store at this mall always have some sort of sale. 

Grand Canal Shoppes - Much nicer stores, big name designers (Chanel, Gucci, Prada, etc.) I love this one because it's inside a casino (access to the slots and a win win) and you can go on a gondola ride to get a mini break from shopping. 

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