hey y'all, 

If you're obsessed with rompers as much as I am this summer, then booboo keep reading because I'm featuring the queen of all rompers today. Shoutout to Scarlett Sage Boutique for helping me look this good on my night out in Las Vegas. Y'all are the real MVP. 

Recently, I've really been loving shopping at boutiques. Local and online ones are totally my jam right now. Mostly online though so I can shop while drinking a margarita and braless in my pj's. Perfect combo, am I right?! One of my favorites is Scarlett Sage Boutique,  mainly because hellooooo have you seen their clothing?! It's literally to die for. Scarlett Sage is an online boutique that opened this past June and I'm in total awe of how many stylish items she has already since she only opened about a month or so ago but y'all I'm totally not complaining. If I ever get in one of those "I have nothing to wear moods," I know I can count on Scarlett Sage to save the day. 

I did another post on a piece from SSB on what to wear to the beach + styling the off-the-shoulder trend...read it here. I have one other piece that I received from Scarlett Sage that will go live either Thursday or Friday. This one is a maxi dress and trust me, you're going to want to live in. It's the kind that you just want to twirl around in ALL DAY long. Yeah, it's that perfect and the blog post will most likely contain some pictures of me twirling my way around Vegas. Sorry not sorry. 

Where Can I Wear this Romper?

Okay, so technically there aren't any rules on where you have to wear this cute number but I love giving y'all styling tips on the perfect locations to wear items and how to style them. I mean if you wanted to wear this sassy romper grocery shopping....DO YOU BOOBOO. Push that buggy around and strut your stuff to the double brownie icecream and margarita mix aisles. 'm not judgin'.

If you're not a fashion daredevil, no worries. This Purple Pleated Romper is perfect for a night out at the beach, date night, summer concerts, girl's night out, and most importantly that trip to Vegas you're dying to plan. So go ahead, treat yourself to a mini vaca and this romper!! 

Are there other ways I can style this?

Ummm yes girl!! If you've seen my other posts, then you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE x10 adding a skirt over a romper. I wore a skirt over a romper one time and no one even knew. I just kept getting compliments like, "oh my gosh, I love your skirt and top." Like thanks girl...but it's actually a skirt/romper combo! Perfect to do when traveling. You'll create an entirely different outfit with less pieces, which will make packing so much easier. 

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Hope you enjoyed this post! **This is in collaboration with www.scarlettsagebtq.com. All opinions are my own.**