Rebecca Folsom

2018 Recap: The Best and Worst Year

Rebecca Folsom
2018 Recap: The Best and Worst Year

Hey babes!

WOW y’all, what a year 2018 was. There were TONS of highs and plenty of lows throughout. I’ve really enjoyed reading other bloggers’ 2018 recaps, so I decided to do one too.

January / February / March / April

I just went ahead and put January to April together because honestly I don’t really remember doing much other than going to school and crying because I graduated in a couple months and had no life plan. Oh the joys of adulting, ya feel me?

In January, I actually started 2018 in Vegas. By this time, I knew I was graduating in May, but I had no plans for after graduation. At this point, my friends and classmates had jobs or grad school lined up and I was FREAKING OUT because I had nothing. So basically I was just a bunch of anxiety for 4 months. Not my finest moments, okuuuur.


May was a HUGE month for me. The day I graduated college, I went with my entire family to Savannah for the rest of the day / night. We walked River Street, drank a little too much, stayed out way too late at the bars, and met up with old friends that I hadn’t seen a while.

The next day, I had to pack up my entire apartment. I was leaving the next morning for New York, so my mom drove my car home to my hometown. I was being picked up by some friends since we were carpooling to the airport, so my mom took everything with her. I only had a blanket, pillow, and suitcase that night. My apartment felt VERY lonely and empty that night. It was such a bittersweet time because that was the last time I would be there and the last time I would be on my college campus.

New York was a total DREAM! I went with my school for a class. It was the last class I needed to complete, so I was allowed to walk at graduation, but I had to wait until the class and my official internship was over to get my diploma. We went to different showrooms in NY and even went to Macy’s Corporate Office to meet with some people who worked there. It was such a cool experience an we even got to see / get a copy of the new Macy’s catalogue before anyone else.

I would pick a favorite part of the trip, but literally everything was so magical. Not only did we go to showrooms, but a broadway show and the Met Museum too! We were actually there when the Met Gala was happening, so we were able to see all the celebrities and actually met Winnie Harlow as she was walking out of her hotel to her car. She was literally so sweet!! I could go ON AND ON about this trip. Maybe I’ll do a separate blog post soon all about it. I plan on going back in September for NYFW.

June / July

Honestly, not much happened in June or July either. I mean it was basically the same is the first four months. I will say that these two months were actually the hardest months of the entire year. I was soooo depressed and my anxiety was worse than ever. I was living back at home and convinced that I had failed and would be working at the local Walmart for the rest of my life. I’m so dramatic. lol

Looking back now, I wish I wouldn’t have been so hard on myself and just enjoyed those two months as a vacation before the real world kicked in.


August was a pretty good month! While I was doing a pop-up event for my store, I met another boutique owner who I ended up interning for. I needed an internship for my school in order to get my diploma. I’m lucky enough that I found an internship rather quickly and that it was paid! I was doing social media for her store and let me tell ya, her sales def increased while I took over the social media accounts. She emailed me the other day and told me her sales were down since I stopped managing social media for them.

For my graduation present from my parents, I asked for a trip to Disney World. Literally my favorite place on Earth! I didn’t know it at the time, but it would be the last time I was at Disney World for a while, since I’m on the west coast now. Lucky me though...Disneyland is like 4 hours away.

After we got back from Disney World, my brother and I left the next day for a road trip to Las Vegas. He was moving here to go to college at UNLV..University of Las Vegas. His major is something for hospitality...he wants to work / own a hotel one day, so Vegas is the perfect spot for him! He didn’t want to drive alone, so I tagged along.

He told me he I could have 3 photo stops along the way. LOL I was working on social media for my job basically the whole way there, so we really only stopped at night for hotels and made a detour to the Grand Canyon. I had always flown over the Grand Canyon when we flew out to Vegas to visit family, but visiting it was a whole other story. LITERALLY BREATHTAKING!!


When I rode out to Vegas with my brother, I stayed for like a month. During that month I was like, “wait I really like it out here,” and then I decided I was moving out here. You’d think that more thought would be needed for that decision, but honestly it was the easiest decision of my life.

On the 19th, I celebrated my 23rd birthday. Sometimes I get confused and still think I’m like 21 and then my back and knees start hurting and I’m like, “nope...I’m actually 80.”

Towards the end of the month, I applied for a job in Vegas and got an email back the next day saying they wanted to do an interview! It was the first job I had applied to, so I was so excited.


I think I flew home to Georgia on the 29th of September, so I spent a good month back home before moving. While I was home, we were hit with a MAJOR hurricane (I honestly forgot the name and too lazy to Google it), so I was stuck in the house with 4 dogs and 4 other people. Let’s just say by the end of day 1, I was ready for like 12 whiskey and cokes.

During the hurricane, I actually had my 2nd interview with the company in Vegas. I was like, “yeah, there’s actually a hurricane outside right now.” I was determined to get that job. Lol

Before I left Vegas, I started talking to this guy I met. We texted literally 24/7 while I was home in Georgia for a month. Long story short, we went on a date when I got back and then he quit talking to me. is awesome.

By the end of the month, I had officially accepted the position in Vegas and had to buy a new plane ticket (because Frontier sucks and wouldn’t let me change my return date) because they wanted me to start earlier!


I moved to Vegas the first weekend in November and started that next Thursday. It all happened so fast, but honestly I liked it that way because it didn’t give me time to get anxious or scared about my first day!

The second weekend, I began my DREAM job as a social media manager for some shows on the strip! I’ve been there for like 2 months nows and I love every single day I go to work!


December was a an actual dream! It was full of shows on the strip, media events for work, Golden Knights’ games, and a Bruno Mars concert for NYE. We had a VIP seat upstairs where there was an after party and we even got our own couch. So much fun!

The beginning of the month was a bit hard for me though. I ended up closing my boutique after being open for over a year. I loved every aspect of running a store, but honestly loved managing social media accounts and blogging more! I closed my store super quietly. Like I didn’t even tell anyone I did it for a couple weeks and I never announced it on social media. If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m SUPER hard on myself, so I felt like I had failed. But I realized that it wasn’t what I really wanted to be doing and became alright with that decision.

Although December started off a little rough, it ended PERFECTLY! I love where I am in life right now, where I live, and the people who surround me. I’m super excited and motivated for 2019!

2019 Goals

  1. Attend NYFW in September. I’ve been invited to a couple shows the past 2 years, but it just wasn’t the right time to go since I was in school and trying to save money. Now that I have a full time job, I’m saving money to go!

  2. Reach at least 10K on Instagram.

  3. Meet my financial goals. I want to REALLY save money this year. The more adulting I do, the more I’m like, “dang, I really need an emergency fund.”

  4. Eat healthier. Not really a diet because I’ve never really been big on those, but I do want to quit eating fast food, drinking sodas, and eating sweets. When I was in high school, I NEVER had fast food, sodas, or sweets / junk food. I just didn’t crave it or like it. Shoutout to college for ruining that for me. Also FYI: Chick-fil-a does not count as fast’s the Lord’s Supper….TRY AND CHANGE MY MIND OK.

  5. Read at least 1 book a month. I used to read a ton when I was younger, but I became busier the older I got.

  6. Do at least 20-30 squats a day. I know this may seem silly, but honestly I’m trying to get my booty looking good by 2020. LOL

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