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My FAVE and Least Fave Self Tanners!

Rebecca FolsomComment
My FAVE and Least Fave Self Tanners!

hey babes!

So if you’re like me, you literally look like Casper the ghost in the winter time. Some women can totally pull of the pale look but for some reason, I just look like a crackhead on a 7 day binge. Over the last couple of years, I’ve used a good bit of self tanners. I know that there are a ton more out there, but these are my FAVES and LEAST faves!


*Loving Tan Bronzer - I love to use this one in the summer when I need an extra bronzed look, usually when I’m going out for the night!

*Loving Tan Mousse - My #1 FAVE self tanner ever. Others I’ve used make my skin feel super sticky after applying it, but Loving Tan never does! It also lasts me a week on my skin and doesn’t have that terrible fake tan smell.

*Tanceuticals - I love this one too, but it doesn’t give me as deep of a bronzed look like Loving Tan does, but it’s still just as good for a simple, subtle tan!


*Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse - I can’t express how much I hate this product. It makes my skin SUPER sticky after applying it, doesn’t go on smoothly (left many streaks), makes me look orange, and stained my hands (even after I washed them right after application). The only good thing was that it smelled really good. It also didn’t last but a day. Super disappointing!!

*Rodan and Fields Essentials Foaming Sunless Tan - I used to use this one in high school for a very light, subtle tan! As I got older, I wanted a more deeper, bronzed tan, so I quit using this one. The only reason I really hate it is because of the smell. It smells awful!

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