Rebecca Folsom

A Weekend Trip to Antelope Canyon

Rebecca Folsom
A Weekend Trip to Antelope Canyon

Y’all know I’m never one time for anything, so FINALLY sharing my trip to Antelope Canyon even though it was in April. Better late than never, right?

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We went to Arizona just for the weekend, but it was SUCH a great trip. If you’re on the west coast, it’s def the perfect little weekend getaway. It’s a pretty popular place, so I figured I would share where we ate, stayed, etc.


I’ve had Antelope Canyon pinned on my Pinterest travel board for years. Honestly I just had the photos pinned, but I didn’t even know where they were located or what they were called.

DAY 1: Horseshoe Bend was literally down the road from our hotel. It’s a bit of a hike (maybe 20-25 minutes) to get to it and of course it can get super hot in Arizona, so we went around 5 in the afternoon. It wasn’t too hot, so it made the hike a little better. But HOLY COW when you do get there, the view is literally PERFECTION.

DAY 2: We got up early in the morning to make it to our 9AM time slot for the Antelope Canyon Tour. We chose to do an Upper Canyon tour. I think it was $39. I did a ton of research before we went because I wanted to get the most out of the weekend. This is what I found:

*Upper Canyon Tours are a little more expensive, but easier to navigate. They range from $50 - $80, but we found one that was a little less expensive. It’s operated by the Navajo Indians. It was a cool experience meeting them!

*Lower Canyon Tours are a little less expensive, but harder to navigate. I saw some tours that had ladders you had to climb down. We had a 5 year with us, so we decided that the Upper Canyon Tour would be better.

I will add to make sure you pay attention to your tour guide. Ours left us in the canyon along with another family. One girl said her friend saw a mountain lion down in there last week, so def make sure you’re careful.

After our Antelope Canyon Tour, we drove 2 hours to Grand Canyon. The drive from Antelope Canyon to Grand Canyon was literally so breath taking. It’s weird though because the closer you get to the GC, there’s less dessert and more mountains & trees. So weird, but cool seeing!


There’s a couple good hotels in Page, Arizona (the town closest to Antelope Canyon). We decided to stay at Courtyard by Marriott Page at Lake Powell and I’m SO glad we did. Literally the prettiest hotel I’ve stayed at in a while!

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