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STYLE: 3 Fall Trends You Need This Season + Velvet Jumpsuit

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hey y'all,

We're officially in fall!! Cheers to pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, shorter days, and holiday season! These next couple months are going to be so so so busy but literally so fun for me!

I'll be heading to Disney World in November to work on a collaboration, Las Vegas and Disneyland in December, and launching my online boutique in October. Not to mention other blogging collaborations, school work, and wardrobe styling clients. I'm sooo grateful to be this busy though y'all with things that I actually love doing! Blogging, styling, and opening Shop Becca are three of my favorite things in this world! Oh yeah, and Disney of course! 

Since we're a couple of days into fall, I decided to share 3 fall trends that I can't wait to wear this season. If you're in the south like I am, then it's still 200 degrees and 100% humidity. Ughhh, I just want the cooler weather already! I chose 3 trends that are perfect to wear and style in cold weather and in warmer weather! Yes, even the OTK boots. You just have to get creative with this stuff and I promise you won't look like a fool...haha. 

1. Bell Sweater Sleeves | Okay, so I'm totally loving the whole "let's make a statement with our sleeves" trend and bell sleeves are such a fun way to add a bit of drama to a casual outfit. Pair it with a some denim shorts and sandals for warmer weather and a pair of jeans and ankle boots for cooler weather. 

2. OTK Boots | This is the trend that you're probably thinking, "how in the world can I wear these in warmer weather?" This is the trend I was talking about when I said, "get creative." Pair with a some denim shorts and a light sweater, a suede skirt, or a simple dress. When it gets colder, pair with some leggings and an oversized sweater or jeans and top or sweater. 

3. Mules | Okay...I have to admit when this trend first came out I was like, "why does everyone like those, they look like something my mom would wear," but as I saw it more, they grew on me. I love the ones that add a pop of color to your outfit, like the ones I tagged in my Instagram post from Target. These are perfect to wear when you want to dress casual. Pair them with a simple blouse or graphic tee and shorts or jeans.