Answering Your Most Frequently Asked Travel Questions
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Since I’ve been traveling more, I’ve been getting more and more DM’s about some general travel FAQs. I have some trips coming up, so I decided it’d be helpful if I compiled them all together into a blog post.

I hope these help you feel more comfortable and confident on your upcoming travels!

WHAT SIZE SUITCASE DO YOU BRING WITH YOU ON YOUR TRIPS? - I have a larger one for longer trips that I got from Belk & a smaller one for weekend trips that I bought from TJMaxx! I’m not sure about the exact ones, but I linked some similar ones below!

DO YOU EVER RENT A CAR WHILE TRAVELING? - Not normally because I either drive there, visit somewhere where the person I’m visiting has a car, or has public transportation (like DC). I’m going to Disneyland / the beach this weekend and we’ll be renting a car because we’re flying and don’t want to Uber everywhere!

WHAT AIRLINE DO YOU TYPICALLY FLY WHEN YOU’RE TRAVELING? - I love flying Delta! I try and book my ticket far out in advance so I can get a good price with them. They can be a little expensive, but the experience you get with Delta, surpasses any other airline. I’m flying SouthWest this weekend though and that is my second fave! I just don’t like how you have to line up and choose your own seat. It makes me so anxious for some reason!

HAVE YOU EVER FLOWN SPIRIT OR FRONTIER? - Yes, I’ve flown both. I like Spirit better than Frontier because the service is way better. I flew Frontier last year and bought the insurance. When I tried to use it, the customer service rep knew nothing about it. I had to fly sooner than expected so I was trying to change my flight to an earlier time and ended up having to buy a whole new ticket with SouthWest. I will NEVER fly Frontier again, but Spirit is good if you’re on a budget!

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE AIRLINE TO FLY WITH? - I kinda covered this in the question about, but most def Delta or SouthWest!

WHAT’S ARE YOUR MUST HAVE TRAVEL ESSENTIALS? - Def my phone + MacBook and portable charger. When I’m waiting at the airport, I like to get as much work done as possible. It’s the perfect place to be productive while you wait on your flight!

HOW DO YOU GO ABOUT CHOOSING WHERE TO GO AND FINDING GOOD DEALS ON FLIGHTS? - I search up flights first to see where is the most affordable place to go. I love using Google Flights to find cheap flights. You can even turn on alerts, which will send you an email when the flight your want to go on is really cheap!

HOW DO YOU AFFORD TO TRAVEL? DO YOU SET ASIDE A BUDGET? - Each paycheck I put money in my savings, but lately I’ve been putting extra. This extra money I save will go towards upcoming trips that I have planned!

WHAT’S BEEN YOUR MOST FAVORITE PLACE TO VISIT? - Other than DisneyWorld, I loved visiting Jamaica and Haiti! The water there is literally SO pretty!

WHAT DO YOU WEAR WHEN YOU TRAVEL? - I like being as comfy as possible 24/7 and especially when I travel. But I fully believe that you can still look super cute while being comfy too. I’ll be sharing a comfy travel outfit later this week!

WHAT ARE YOUR IN-FLIGHT ESSENTIALS? - MacBook to get work done, headphones to listen to a podcast, movie, or music, and Mario Badescu’s Rose Water Spray. My skin gets VERY dry when I fly, so I like to keep that in my bag to spray and keep my skin hydrated.

WHAT IS THE NEXT PLACE YOU’RE TRAVELING TO? - Disneyland this weekend, DC in May, and NYFW in September. I’m sure I’ll travel more in between there, but those are the ones I have planned right now!

HOW MANY DAYS UNTIL DISNEY? - 4 days! I can’t wait!! I haven’t been to a Disney park since August 2018 and Disneyland since Christmas 2016 I think? The Food and Wine Festival is going on right now, so I can’t wait to try some good food!

WHAT DO YOU PACK IN YOUR CARRY-ON? - Clothes, my MacBook, and anything important. I don’t like putting medicine or makeup in my checked bag, because I’m too scared that it’ll get lost. So the things that I absolutely need go in my carry-on.

MAKEUP TIPS FOR TRAVELING? - Wear the least amount of makeup as possible. Your skin gets dry and gross while flying, so if you’re on a long flight, either wear only BB cream or foundation OR none at all. You can always redo it right before you land or in the bathroom when you get to your destination!

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