TRAVEL: Treat Yourself Sunday in Savannah

hey y’all,

     Who else thinks the weekend flew by?! Luckily I was able to spend it by relaxing with friends, margaritas….oh and a celebrity.

      At least once a month, my best friend and I take a day for ourselves. We call it our “treat ya self” day where we channel our inner Tom and Donna (parks and rec.). We pick activities such as a movie, day by the pool, shopping, happy hour drinks, day trips, etc.

     For this month’s treat ya self day, we really have to thank Savannah Magazine. They were kind enough to send me two tickets to the Southern Women’s Show in Savannah. Here we shopped, shopped, and then of course shopped some more. Oh and the freebies of food they gave out were a major score for two broke college students. However, the major highlight was probably meeting Keegan Allen from Pretty Little Liars. Not so much for me (I’ve never seen the show), but let me tell you my friend was like a kid at Disney World when we met him. Ending the day, we walked River Street, had dinner, and took the opportunity to have a mini photoshoot.

     Moral of this matter how poor, stressed, or busy you are, always take a day every once and while for yourself. Take a me day. Go to the mall, lay by the pool, paint, read a book, etc. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a crazy trip but you do need to spend some time doing an activity that you love!