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Hey y'all.

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BEAUTY: A How To Guide to the Perfect Messy Bun

hey y'all,

Soooo fun fact about my messy bun tutorial.... I recorded this video TWICE. Ugh. The first video was okay but I totally messed up so many times and being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted it to be perfect for y'all! So, I went out to Best Buy today and bought a tripod (aka Merry Christmas to myself haha). 

Below, I've linked the products I used, the video, & even wrote out each step.


* products I used *

*livingproof is the dry shampoo I was talking about in the video. I've heard sooo many good things about this brand. I haven't personally tried it yet, so if you have or do, let me know how you like it!

* how-to guide *

I know, I know. Some of you are probably thinking, "hello, it's a messy bun. Do we really need a tutorial." The answer is most def. I mean if you're just sitting at home watching Netflix, you could totally just throw your hair up. For us girl's who are lazy and absolutely loathe washing our hair, dry shampoo and messy buns are a total lifesaver. Getting a messy bun just right so you can actually wear it out in person (especially to the office), is the tricky part. So for all my ladies who aren't visual learners, I've written down the stepsI use below.

1. brush hair

2. dry shampoo on roots and throughout hair for texture

3. run fingers through hair at the roots for volume

4. flip hair upside down

5. pull hair together as if you're putting it in a ponytail

6. pull hair through ponytail holder but stop before you bring your hair through

7. bring the ponytail holder around your hair one more time

8. fan out the messy bun, don't be afraid to play with it and mess it up a little

9. add bobby pins on each side

10. add hairspray

Thanks soooo much y'all sticking through my messy bun tutorial. Bare with me as I figure out the whole YouTube world. haha I bought a tripod for myself for Christmas so I now I'm figuring out lighting and editing!




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