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Hey y'all.

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hey y'all,

Legit y'all, my family is already driving me cray-craaaay and I'm not even home yet. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and love spending time with them, but we're all S U P E R loud and dramatic so sometimes, our personalities totally clash. Over the years, I've realized some tips/tricks that help around the holiday times dealing with dramatic family members. 

My Tips for Dealing with Crazy Family

*Plenty of booze....kidding...well kinda | Kinda kidding when I say that and kinda not. I mean don't go out, get drunk, and be that family member who shows up to Christmas dinner drunk, but I mean having a margarita or a glass of wine won't hurt anyone. As long as you're 21+ of course. ;)

*Take a break | It's no surprise that some family members will have to stay with you, while others will just come for the day. Whether they're staying or not, it's already a safe bet to say, you're going to be tired of them even after day one. Especially if you normally don't see each other during the other 11 months of the year. So, take a break. Go into your room and watch tv, go for a walk, go out and shop for an hour or so. Whatever it is.....JUST GET AWAY.....for at least an hour or two. Trust me. You'll be relaxed when you're back, have had a break, and ready to deal with loud mouth Aunt Janice. 

* Remember, the holidays are temporary. | Another important one. While you're in the bathroom annoyed with your cousin, just remember that the holidays are only temporary. Those family members that you only see for a week or two at Christmas, will be gone for another year soon. So make sure to relax, take a break, & try and enjoy their company. 

* Stick with the family members you love. | Find that one family member you get along with more than anyone else. 9 times out of 10, you both get annoyed by the same family members, so you can both avoid them and enjoy Christmas with each other...hanging out in the living room. 

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