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Hey y'all.

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BEAUTY: Skin Update + Tips

BEAUTY: Skin Update + Tips

hey y'all,

So, remember last week when I went to an esthetician? I promised y'all I would post a blog post with all the skin tips she told me. It was supposed to go live last Friday, but I had some personal things come up soooo I'm just getting around to posting it + getting back to being active on Insta. Honestly though, I think I needed those couple of weeks to clear my head, deal with some issues, and come up with some good content for Insta and the blog. 

Keep in mind though, that everyone's skin is different. What works for me may not work for you. However, I can tell you that my skin is sensitive, so if you have skin like mine, then following these tips may help. 


*Don't pick at your face. I mean this one is a no brainer, but she said picking at your face could cause more pimples to pop up around that breakout area.

*Limit the amount of products you use on your face. Aka, a simple skin routine is better. She recommended I use an organic cleanser and moisturizer on my face, instead of my other routine where I would use a cleanser, a toner, and a face mask at night + apple cider vinegar (which she said def quit using because it was causing irritation to my face).

*Limit caffeine. I already cut out coffee and sodas this year, so this one was already easy. 

*Taking vitamins is always good. I mean the older I get, the more I probs should be taking some sort of vitamin anyways. haha When I go to the doctor next week, I'm going to ask what she recommends.

Limit your stress. This one is totally easier said than done. What I've been doing recently, is getting all of my work done throughout the day. Like school work, blog work, and boutique stuff. I get this all done by 9pm, so then I can spend the rest of the night winding down and relaxing. This helps me have a bit of quiet time and go to sleep earlier, instead of being stressed and staying up until 2am. 

*Hormonal imbalance. I kinda already figured this one, but she said my acne is mostly irritation from all the products I've been using, but it could also be a hormonal imbalance. If you get acne around your chin or jaw, then it's most likely hormonal. I have an appointment next week to get everything checked out.

*Quit using face masks, exfoliators, and spin brushes. This was huge one for me. I would use a face mask and exfoliator, along with a spin brush every night. Not only does the spin brush trap bacteria, but it causes irritation to your face, which could make your breakouts worse.

*All Natural/Organic Skincare is best. While I was there, I bought an organic face wash and moisturizer. They were a little pricey, but I'm glad I was able to splurge on them. They smell amazing and leave my skin feeling sooo smooth and glowy looking. I've linked them below!


Overall, I can tell a HUGE difference in my face. Since I stopped using my other skin routine, spin brushes, and harsh maskes, my breakouts have gotten smaller, less red, and feel less irritated. I'll keep y'all updated on my skin throughout the coming weeks!



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