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Hey y'all.

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LIFESTYLE: Looking Back at 2017 + My 2018 Resolutions

hey y'all,

O. M. G. Today is the last day of 2017 and is it just me, or does anyone else feel like 2017 completely flew by?!

 I'm soooo ready for 2018 though and everything it has to offer. Taking my boutique, blog, and career to the next level. I graduate in the spring...aka only 4 more months. EEEEK. I'm super excited to start my life, career, and move somewhere new, but also super scared about getting in the real world and adulting 24/7.

Sometimes I get stressed out about life and get into a major funk where I feel like I'm not at the level of success I want to be. So in today's blog post, I've added some photos from events, shoots, internships, trips, collabs, etc. that I've been apart of this year.

If you've never done this, I highly recommend it. It doesn't have to fancy or anything, just take a couple minutes, grab a piece of paper, and jot down accomplishments, trips, etc. that you've been apart of each month in 2017. It may seem trivial but trust me, it helps you understand what all you've accomplished this past year and get you motivated for a brand new year! I've listed mine below + my 2018 New Year's resolutions. 

Looking Back at 2017


When I came to Vegas last Christmas/NYE, I had the opportunity to work with some pretty AMAZING and talented professionals. 

The first shoot was in LA (I didn't travel there, but styled the models via email) and it was oh so dreamy. It was a retro/50's styled shoot for the brand Sugar Bouffant, an organic cotton candy cart. 

The second shoot was just outside of Las Vegas. We had intended for it to be a wedding ceremony/reception but the groom/model just didn't show up. Rude, right?! I think it still turned out GORGEOUS. 

The third shoot was back at home in Georgia. It was actually before I left for Vegas and the theme was NYE. I partnered with a local gown boutique for the dresses and let me tell you, they were an absolute dream to style and wear!


Of course living near Savannah, I had to work on a photoshoot in the gorgeous city. I planned and styled this shoot with some very talented wedding professionals. We actually almost had to cancel because of tornadoes heading our way, but we didn't let it bother us and continued with the shoot anyways. 


Okay, so I'm OBSESSED with the seniors I styled this year.  There's tons more, but I somehow lost some photos (thanks MacBook), so here are some of my faves from February's shoots.


Again, my MacBook somehow deleted a bunch of my photos, so I'm going to have to email the photographer to send them to me. I'll put them up on here soon, since I don't think I ever did. Below I added some photos from the shoot, exploring the city, and some of the amazing ladies I met!


I finally convinced my family to take a mini family vaca to Disney (aka my fave place on earth). We only went for one day this time, but with having everyone live in different places around the country, a day is better than nothing. 


Another mini getaway. Being in college, it just isn't possible to go on a long, elaborate vaca. So short, weekend/day trips are what I mostly do. 


This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Fabrik (an apparel clothing store with stores all around the south). I was the photoshoot/event planner/anything else she needed me to do. So basically, plan photoshoots/events, steam clothes, tag clothes, work on store displays, etc. It sounds like a lot of work, but it's what I'm passionate about so I had soooo much fun. Below are a couple pictures of my first day, first Insta live I planned/styled, and shoots I planned. 


I took some time off from everything and flew out to Vegas for a month to visit family. I def probably looked like a tourist because I made my cousin do all the touristy things there (even though she's lived here forever and I've already done most of them). We even went to a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert (which I highly recommend). 


In August of this year, I started my senior year of college. Like WHAAAAT?! I can't believe it's already been four years. Below I've put a photo from my first day of college ever (look at how young, energetic, and youthful I looked) and then some photos from senior year in college. 

first day of college EVER vs. some of my fave senior year moments below

September - TURNED 22

September 19th. The day I left the fun birthdays aka turned 22 and no one cares about your birthdays anymore year. I mean, after 21 are there any birthdays to actually look forward to?!


October 19th. I finally took the plunge and opened my own online women's boutique. It's slowly growing and something I'm oh so proud of. 


I was super excited about this one because I'm legit obsessed with anything Disney. Last year I had the opportunity to collab with Disney and then again this year. It was truly one of the most magical collabs I've worked on this year.

December - VEGAS TRIP, REACHED 5000

So I know I've already been to Vegas like three times this year, but as a Christmas present from my parents, I flew back out here for like three weeks to spend Christmas and NYE with family. We've mostly relaxed this trip (which is soooo okay with me, because I needed a break before the craziness of my last semester kicks in), but have done some fun things too. Like play bingo and gamble at the casino. I came out with zero from bingo and 20 cents from the casino....soooo def hitting it big here. haha

My 2018 resolutions

*TRAVEL MORE - Okay, so I traveled a TON this past year but if you know me, you know that my true love is def adventuring to new, historic places. I already have a couple trips planned for the beginning of the year, so a goal is to travel to new places that I've never experienced before. 

*WORRY LESS, RELAX MORE - One thing I do a lot is worry. Like not during the day or anything. I can usually shut if off during the day, but once I lay down to sleep at night, it's like BAM....I worry about everything. In 2018, I want to work on being more patient, relaxing more, and understanding that I am successful. Sometimes I worry with this because I thought I would be so much further in life than I am now, but I'm only 22 and have so much time to grow and be at the level I want to be. 

*TAKE THE BLOG TO THE NEXT LEVEL - So I've had Styled by Becca live for a while now, but I haven't really been super serious about it. I want to create a space for y'all to come where you can get inspiration for style, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. Somewhere that I can be real, authentic, and let you know that it's okay not to have it together all the time. I mean half the time I'm a complete dry shampoo, leggings and a tee hot mess.

*EAT HEALTHIER - I'm not trying to be the next fitness blogger or anything but I def want to start implementing healthier eating habits. Like not drinking sodas, eating more vegetables, and cutting out fast food and sugar.

*GET ON A BETTER SCHEDULE  - This next semester (aka my last one in college), I have a freaking 8 am. UGH UGH UGH. Soooo I need to get on a better sleep schedule, that doesn't include going to be at 2 am and waking up at 7 am. Hopefully by doing this, I can 10x more productive than usual. Also...drink more coffee. I'm def going to need more coffee. Which probably doesn't fit in with my eat healthier resolution, but hey one step at a time, right?!

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