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TRAVEL: Girl's Weekend with Fête

TRAVEL: Girl's Weekend with Fête

hey y'all

Last weekend you may have noticed on my Insta Stories that some of my friends and I were in Savannah for the weekend. We drove down Saturday morning, spent all day exploring the city Saturday, and went to Tybee Island Sunday. The best part was that everything was already planned for us by Fête! If you're trying to plan a bachelorette party, girl's weekend, family reunion, or just want to explore Savannah, I would 200% recommend letting Marguerite from Fête plan it and take the stress away from you! 

She knows SOOO much about Savannah and everything there is to do. Like I've been to Savannah sooo many times, but she planned activities for us that I had no clue about. Like the body scrub class. Never heard of it but 12 out 10 recommend doing!!

If you don't know what Fête is, let me explain! Fête is a trip planning service for those traveling to Savannah. Basically all we had to was

1. Fill out the form on Fête's website

2. Marguerite will get into touch with you and ask a couple simple questions like "how many are in your group, is everyone 21+ (there are some activities that you have to be 21+ to do), what time will you arrive and leave, and where do you plan on staying at (she sets up a mimosa bar at your hotel, loft, or airbnb....UMMM YESS PLEASE)

3. she will get activities together for your group based on those questions above + what your group is most interested in and plans activities such as wine tastings, ghost tour / pub crawl, pole dance class (def doing this next time), drink and pedal tour, and literally SOOO many more options.  

You can follow along with Fête, on their Instagram or Facebook!

While we were in Savannah, I decided to film the entire day. Our batteries were dying and the quality wasn't so good, so there's nothing from the ghost tour, but I have some pictures from it below! You can watch the vlog below, by clicking on the triangle in the middle of the photo. Also be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I'll be posting more vlogs here + fashion/beauty stuff too! 

Styled by Becca

activity #1 | brunch

Fête made us brunch reservations at Ordinary Pub. Right in the middle of all the fun stuff and our activities. 12 out of 10 recommend the chicken and waffles gyro. OMG y'all, they're SOOOO good. It comes with grits too, which makes it that much better. My friend got the grilled cheese and tomato soup which was so yummy too!

When we got to the restaurant, it was a bit crowded. That's only because it's a super popular place for brunch in Savannah. So if you make reservations here, get there early! I mean, just look at the food though, def worth the wait. SOOO good. When we arrived at Ordinary Pub, we were greeted by the owner of Fête, Marguerite. She had our welcome packets all together and set them out on the table for us. In the welcome packet, you'll get a map of Savannah (and where all the activities are + stores that offer a coupon % off if you show them the map), an itinerary, Fête t-shirt, and some macaroons (probably my favorite haha). 

activity #2 | making your own bath scrub

So, funny story about trying to get to this class. Our dumb selves began walking in the right direction, but got distracted by a wig shop (we all get distracted so easily lol) and ended up walking in the wrong direction. Like we ended up at River Street when we were supposed to be like 10 minutes away from it. LOL So, we just decided to just call an Uber. Come to find out though, it wasn't even that far from our brunch spot. But we all had fun getting there, so def no complaints!

But Y'ALL. I've never heard of the body scrub class, but I'm sooo glad Fête planned it for us. Basically, you sit at a table a create your own bath scrub. So you mixed different essential oils, salts, sugars, etc to create your perfect smell. Before you do that though, you choose a first and last name our of a bowls to create your mermaid name and that's what you go by for the class (super cool thing they do). They even have a gift shop and offer champagne while you make your scrub!

My favorite part though, was the fact that a couple weeks ago, Southern Charm was filmed there. SO COOL OMG. 

activity #3 | wine tasting

I mean, what more do you need to say about this, except PERFECT Savannah activity, am I right?!

activity #4 | dinner on River Street

Fête made sure to give us a little downtime to shop and have dinner on River Street. Every time we go to Savannah, we hit up Byrd's Cookies and Savannah Riverstreet Treats. They do samples, so you can be sure to find something for everyone in your group! I love the Georgia Peach Cookies and Cheddar Crisps at Byrd's Cookies and the pralines at Riverstreet Treats. 

We had dinner at One-Eyed Lizzies. For happy hour, they have $3, 16oz. margaritas and the food is sooo good. You get soo much too. 

activity #5 | ghost tour / pub crawl

Ughhh, if you know my group, you know we love a good ghost tour and the fact that it's a pub crawl too makes it 12x better. Basically on this ghost tour, you meet at a local tavern (like 2 minutes from Riverstreet), and go walk around Savannah to about 3 or 4 other pubs. You can buy drinks at each pub and walk around with your drink too. The ghost tour is about an hour so not too long and not too much walking. Our guide knew sooo much about the history of Savannah and had tons of ghost stories to tell is. The pubs are even haunted too!

what I wore

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meet the owner of fete/q&a

1. What does Fête mean to you and why did you choose it as your brand's name? | I have always loved the Caribbean for their culture, music, & food. Fête is a term used for a fun party with all of your friends, great music, and drinks! So, of course, everyone wants a Fête! I wanted to create a business to organize "fêtes" for ladies & their best friends when traveling to Savannah.

2. If you could plan a trip for your favorite celebrity, who would it be and what would they do? | Hmmm this is a tough one because I am bad at keeping up with celebrities, but Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, & Emma Watson would be so fun to plan a party for! They are such strong & funny women - it would be a blast! (I would want to tag along on everything haha!)

3. If you had to plan a trip for yourself in Savannah, what would you choose and who would you bring along? | Well when I first started, I did plan a day for my girlfriends! We started the day with a mimosa bar, did a DIY class, had a wine tasting, ate dinner, then went on a haunted pub crawl! There are so many things to do in Savannah, you can't go wrong with any activities!

4. What made you want to start Fête? | I have always loved planning parties & events. My friends will tell you about my craft parties, or about me setting up "drinking stations" with games during Spring Break, so I have always enjoyed organizing days/trips full of fun & activities. Once moving to Savannah, I saw all of the Bachelorette parties & the seed was planted! I began "interviewing" the Bachelorette groups downtown & they told me they would love someone to organize their trip because they walk around until they find something to do. Well, I knew I had to do something to help these ladies because there is so much to do in Savannah & so little time! I started contacting local businesses for collaborations & soon enough..Fête Savannah was born!

5. What is your favorite thing about Savannah? | I LOVE that it is a walk-able city. Once you are downtown, everything you want to do is within a 15 minute walk. I can never see myself leaving this city, Savannah has such a rich culture & is absolutely a unique, beautiful city. And don't forget: THE FOOD!

6. Tell us one super interesting thing about yourself that no one knows. | Well it's hard to think of something my best friends don't know. I am very sentimental & love being around friends/family so I cannot handle goodbyes. Even if I know I won't see that person for a while, I have to act like I am seeing that person the next day instead of giving a proper "goodbye". I just don't like good times to end! 

Another quick fact, I always think "when I am 80 years old & look back on this moment, will I regret not doing this?". This always helps me live in the moment & look at the big picture in life.

7. Who are you? Tell us all about yourself girl! | I was born in Rome, GA & moved to Statesboro, GA after high school where I studied Chemistry & Spanish at Georgia Southern University - GO EAGLES! I now work as a chemist during the week & my Spanish skills are disappearing every day (so sad). I absolutely love traveling & learning about other cultures! Not to toot my own horn, but I am an extremely reliable, loving person to my friends & family - what would life be without those special people in your life? Always appreciate what you have & those around you.

8. Just for fun, who's your celeb crush? haha  | Woohoo! These guys having nothing in common, but they are all so yummy to me: Matthew McConaughey, Johnny Depp, and Idris Elba! <3



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