Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Becca.

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Hey, gals! My name is Becca and I am the personality of Shop Becca. I am a southern fashionista that loves all things coffee, dry shampoo, and margaritas!!! *cue miraca sounds* I like to look at the world through rose colored glasses and put the same point of view towards fashion. Who says you have to be uncomfortable to be stylish?! I’m always the most fashionable gal in the room...and comfiest ;) So grab a margarita (or 5, I’m not judging) and come shop with me! Can’t wait to see what gorgeous items you pick out to be your best self! Be bold. Be beautiful. Be Becca...aka me. Happy shopping! :)



Now that you’ve met Becca, you can meet me! My name is Rebecca and I’m the owner/founder of Styled By Becca (my fashion blog) and Shop Becca. I’m obsessed with everything Disney, traveling, and sweet tea (let’s not even talk about how much I consume on a daily basis). My number one mission is to make women of all sizes and ages feel beautiful and confident, and I believe that fashion is a great way to do that! Explore Shop Becca and find clothes that will make you feel like the queen (yaaaas queen) that you are while also keeping you comfy (hello, rompers and sandals)! Follow my blog and Instagram (@styled_bybecca) to keep up with the latest trends. See ya’ll later! :)